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    SR Feedback feature
    Topic posted September 19, 2018 by ReghuBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points, last edited September 20, 2018, tagged Channels, Configuration and Administration, Integration, Performance - Fusion, Reporting and Analytics, Service Request Management, Setup and Configuration, UX 
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    SR Feedback feature
    Any ways to request feedback from Customers?

    Do we have any feature to request feedback for  SRs we worked with customers?  If no, do we have it in near roadmap and whats the work around in the meanwhile? (PaaS integration?)



    • Chris Warner

      We have considered some sort of solution for feedback within Engagement Cloud but the product does not include feedback functionality today.  I have spoken with customers that have used (or are planning to use) an object workflow in combination with the REST APIs (and, in at least one case, Oracle Integration Cloud), to initiate and collect survey results to/from a separate survey engine.  

      Keep in mind that your solution should address the entire survey workflow: pre-survey issues like invocation rules, in-survey needs like invitations/notifications and reminders, and finally post-survey needs like analytics, redflagging/escalations, data access and retention and, perhaps most importantly, eligibility (opt-in, opt-out, CAN-SPAM, etc.).  

      I hope this helps.  Let us know what you decide to do (and how you do it)!

    • Reghu

      Thanks for your response Chris.  Do we have the feature in Roadmap? 

      Also, regarding the workarounds you were involved with for a few customers already, did they have to go for  any PaaS solutions like JCS or VBCS for the page where customers may key in the feedback (comments etc)?  


    • Chris Warner

      We can't (and shouldn't!) comment on what is or isn't on the Roadmap.  My apologies but it's been that way for many years.

      As for the point-to-point solution I described, the feedback is collected using a separate survey toolset.  In other words, Engagement Cloud says 'send survey X to customer Y' and the survey tool does just that, returning the survey results to Engagement Cloud when the survey is complete.  The segmentation of responsibilities and the flow of data works out in a reasonably clean way, I think.

      There are many survey solutions on the market (SurveyMonkey and GetFeedback seem to be popular) and a few Oracle Cloud products include some form of customer survey/outreach functionality (Oracle Marketing Cloud, Oracle Policy Automation, and Oracle Service Cloud come to mind).  Surveys functionality almost always solves the survey problem through email-based invitations/reminders and browser/mobile-based HTML surveys.

      PaaS tools are not required for this Engagement-Cloud-to-survey-engine solution but Oracle Integration Cloud might make the solution easier to implement and maintain (and perhaps easier to expand, should you want to add another survey toolset to the mix).

    • Reghu

      Thanks Chris