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    Saumyadip Sarkar
    Keep a variable in Linear Regression Model
    Topic posted October 29, 2019 by Saumyadip Sarkar, tagged Machine Learning, Natural Language, Prepare & Model Data 
    Keep a variable in Linear Regression Model
    Oracle Analytics Desktop ommiting a variable in Linear Regression Model

    I am trying to create a linear regression model using the following 2 predictors House_size and Year to predict Price. However while trying to create the model using OLS, the final model shows only the Year but not the House_Size. I assume , House_Size and Price are highly correlated. In this scenario, how I do I keep both the variables i.e House_Size and Year in my model. Using only Year makes no sense. I am using Oracle Analytics Desktop to create the model. Attaching the data for reference. 

    Any help on this would highly be appreciated.

    Oracle Analytics Desktop 12c