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    Praveen Kumar
    Employees Expenses Information - Default Expenses Account -...
    Topic posted June 30, 2019 by Praveen KumarRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Configuration, Core HR, Expenses, General Ledger 
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    Employees Expenses Information - Default Expenses Account - Department Field
    Departments on Default Expenses Account

    Hi All,

    Can any know how to load or populate Department Field  in Expense Account of all employees on Manage Expense Information Page.

    Manage Users > Click on Actions > Click on Manage Expense Information.

    Expenses Section -  Click on Default Expense Account  (Prompt)  > Department 

    Can any please provide HDL file or any other way to bulk update for all employees.







    • Wendy Ware

      Hi Praveen, I have mass updated employees' default expense accounts using HCM Data Loader.  I'm attaching a document to give you an idea of what I'm talking about.  I recommend you open an SR requesting assistance with your specific situation.  Be sure to open an HCM SR, not a Financials SR, to make sure it reaches the folks who can actually help you.  Wendy

      What is HCM Data Loader?
      HCM Data Loader enables users to bulk-load data into the Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud (Oracle HCM Cloud) from any source. Typically you use HCM Data Loader to upload historic and current HCM data and to maintain that data thereafter, either as part of a one-time migration of HCM data into the Oracle HCM Cloud, or when using Oracle HCM Cloud in a coexistence model with external HR systems.
      HCM Data Loader supports a number of business objects across the HCM product family and provides the ability to bulk load flexfield and translation data for those objects.
      HCM Data Loader expects business object specific, pipe-delimited files. For each component within the business object hierarchy that you intend to supply data for, you construct a definition METADATA row to define the attributes you are including. The following example shows a sample of the Job file:
      The .dat files containing the data for loading into the Oracle HCM Cloud are first uploaded to the Oracle WebCenter Content server before being validated and loaded by HCM Data Loader. HCM Data Loader performs a two-stage process to load your data into the Oracle HCM Cloud:
      Import - Import the file data into the HCM Data Loader staging tables, group and organize to form logical objects from the individual file lines. For example, generate the job Accountant from the job date-effective history, job evaluation, and valid grades supplied in the Job.dat file.
      Load - Apply the business object validation rules to the logical object data and load valid objects into Oracle HCM Cloud.