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    Mark Rinaldi
    What's New in 18.05?
    Topic posted May 3, 2018 by Mark RinaldiSilver Crown: 22,500+ Points, tagged Integration, PBCS, Reports, Security, SmartView, Strategic Modeling 
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    What's New in 18.05?
    The 18.05 What's New document has the latest features addd to PBCS & EPBCS

    I'm sure you have all bookmarked the What's New Release Content Document and read it every month, so there is no need for me to remind you of the following key enhancements to PBCS and EPBCS:

    1. New EPM Automate Utility - supports runDailyMaintenance command
    2. Activity Report now shows MS Excel version usage
    3. Ability to set display preferences for Tasks
    4. Retains last Tab accessed in Navigation Flows to quickly bring users back to the last tab they were using in a Card
    5. Enhancements to Dashboards like better scroll bar management (only shows if needed), show/hide grid lines in many chart types, Scaling of values in charts, etc,!  (A few personal favorites - better scroll bar management and Scaling)
    6. New Admin Mode Job Type - scheduled jobs can now restrict application access to Admins only
    7. Export/Import Level 0 data for ASO Cube
    8. For the inner Essbase geek in you, the Average Fragmentation Quotient is now available in the Statistics page within Calc Manager\System Properties
    9. EPM Connect & Navigation flows now support access to ARCS Clusters/Cards as a target application
    10. EPBCS:  Self-service Content Upgrade
    11. EPBCS:  Data Management integration with Oracle HCM Cloud now supports the direct sourcing of metadata from HCM - now it is just like sourcing data so it can be executed directly from DM and automated
    12. EPBCS:  Strategic Modeling Smart View Extension now supports creating a copy of an input Scenario
    13. Classic Dimension Editor goes away in 18.06 release - move to the Simplified Dimension Editor now
    14. Composite Form Creation now longer available for new subscriptions starting with 18.06.  No further enhancements to Composite Forms
    15. Financial Reports Studio client scheduled to be removed 18.09
    16. Dashboard Folders (with ability to assign security to the folder) is coming, Safe Harbor, in 18.06!

    Wow, those are a lot of new features!  I'm sure we will discuss at KScope 2018 in Orlando June 10-14, 2018



    • Joe Steinbrenner

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for sending a summary of the latest features, this is very helpful.

      I have a few comments regarding #13, the Simplified Dimension Editor:

      While the new Simplified Dimension Editor has a more modern look, I am struggling with the usability and the efficiency/speed of making quick edits to a dimension.

      1. Display : Is there a way to maximize the window and display more rows? The pop-up window only displays 17 rows (compared to 62 visible rows in the Classic Editor ...and we have 500+ accounts). The Simplified Editor constantly forces me to scroll, even on my 24in monitor.
      2. Columns/Customize Properties: I’ve un-checked all the Columns (Properties) that I don’t need, i.e all the foreign language aliases, and dragged  the default alias next to the member name, but after I click “save” (or switch to a different dimension) the properties reverse back to the original view. How can I keep/save my customized view?
      3. Animation:  How can I turn off the "Blinds Transition Effect" when drilling down. The effect looks nice in a PowerPoint presentation, but it is slowing me down when I want to make a quick change.


      • Mark Rinaldi

        Thanks for the feedback, Joe.  These are the exact comments we want to hear and have been asking for people to start using he SUI Dim Editor in advance of the Classic Dim Editor going away. 

        I think the column display issue may be fixed in 18.05.  I'll ask but you should be able to test it after tonight since the Test pods get 18.05 tonight. 

        You should log enhancement requests for these issues.  I'm not sure if the transition is native to the underlying technology being used or if it is an option.

        The upside is you know longer see the arrow indicator next to Level 0 members like the Classic Editor!  ;-)