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    Lorna Rickett
    Number masking in conversations
    Topic posted October 28, 2019 by Lorna RickettSilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, last edited October 28, 2019, tagged Analytics 
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    Number masking in conversations
    Editing regex of number mask in conversations


    We have product names made up of numbers, and they keep getting cut out/masked from the trainer which makes it tricky to figure out if they got the right answer or not. Is it possible to edit this at all?






    • Grant Ronald

      Is this in the tester or at runtime in a specific channel or is this in insight - when you post a screenshot if you could post a little more of what is going on around - it gives us context

    • Lorna Rickett

      It's from the Insights > Conversations section - I didn't want to post the rest as it was fairly company specific :P 

    • Grant Ronald

      In the up and coming version you can switch number masking on and off from the UI but currently it would have to be done specifically by logging a bug and requesting this feature turned off - we can do it on a specific channel - so we'd need to know which instance and which channel.

    • Lorna Rickett

      Awesome! Thanks :) If I requested this now I guess I need an SR?

    • Grant Ronald

      Actually just email the details to me and I'll do it -- supply the channel name and app id and instance.  My email is my firstname dot lastname at Oracle dot com