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    Is it possible to edit the Bank Account Number for a...
    Topic posted January 15, 2019 by AlanSilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points 
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    Is it possible to edit the Bank Account Number for a Supplier?
    Is it possible to edit the Bank Account Number for a Supplier?

    Hi All, 

    I just wanted to ask the community if it is possible to edit the Bank Account information for a Supplier? For example, if we created a supplier and accidentally entered the wrong bank account number, do we have the ability to edit the Bank Account Number?

    Our current set-up is not allowing us to do so, the Bank Account Number field is not editable...

    Is this normal or is there something we need to enable on our profiles for us to be able to edit the Bank Account Number?





    • Khalil Rehman



      If an error has been made, end date that bank branch and then attach the correct branch.You dont want users to be able to edit bank details as this lead to fraud cases in the past after Invoices were approved for payment,paid to new bank details and then changed back after payment.




      • Alan

        Hi Khalil,

        I understand the use case to prevent fraud, but the time it takes to re-enter all the banking information for a supplier is very time consuming and makes no sense. Also, we have approvals in place before the record is live, so that should prevent any fraud. Also, I am looking to enable the History, so you should be able to track who made the edits.

        It doesn't make sense to me that you have to create a new bank record every single time the bank account information is updated by the supplier or if someone accidentally made a mistake when setting up the supplier initially.



    • Piyush Singh

      To make bank account number editable is on the roadmap and will soon be delivered.



      • Alan

        Hi Piyush,

        Is there a timeline as to when this will be implemented? Q1 of this year, Q2 of this year? Would be great to get some visibility into a timeline, as this is causing our team a lot of extra work that can be avoided.

        Thank you!


        • Alan Ng

          Release readiness documents are available here:

          • Alan

            Hi Alan,

            Are you able to direct me to where the roadmap is for planned new features for OracleCloud? I just seem to find information about what was new in the current release.



    • Ashish Kumar Pandey

      We are able to modify fresh Bank Accounts in 19B.