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    Create group of standard alerts for different Learning...
    Idea posted December 19, 2019 by Ken WittSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, last edited December 19, 2019, tagged Learning, Public Sector 
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    Create group of standard alerts for different Learning situations.
    Organization Name:
    St. Croix County

    Would be nice if a standard group of alerts was preconfigured by Oracle and built into the Learning module for easy use.

    Use Case and Business Need:

    Effort to create custom alerts seems daunting. A standard starting set of alerts seems logical and beneficial for all users.

    More details:

    We do not have any custom alerts created yet, so employees are not being notified that they have outstanding Learning assignments.



    • Meredith Vaillancourt
      There are many alerts that would be considered standard. At least defining some basic templates for learning assigned, required learning coming due and overdue would be extremely helpful to all learning clients.