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    Santhosh Kumar
    Requisition to issue material to work order
    Topic posted September 25, 2017 by Santhosh KumarBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited September 25, 2017, tagged Manufacturing MDM, Manufacturing Analytics, Production Execution, Production Scheduling, Work Execution, Work Request Management 
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    Requisition to issue material to work order
    Requisition to issue material to work order

    We want the production department to raise a requisition for any WIP issues from stores to shopfloor. This is a kind control procedure we have and it also makes sense, the stores cannot blindly issue a material to WIP without an approved document from a production supervisor/manager to issue the material. I know this functionality is not available in fusion manufacturing but I need to find a work around to this as the business cannot do away with this process. Any pointers to this highly appreciated.



    • Sivakumar Jayaraman

      Hi Santhosh,

      Right now there is no document to request material from production to stores.

      What is the primary purpose of this control? Is it to know the value of material lying in the shop floor? Or is it to control issue of high value material?

      Right now, I would suggest a work around to create a separate sub inventory for production material, do a manual internal material transfer using Invnentory. this can be the control document.

      Then instead of back flush, you can issue the material manually (push).

      We are coming up with a solution for WIP picking in our upcoming release,

      Who is the customer? What stage of implementation are they?



      • Santhosh Kumar

        Hi Siva,

        Thanks for the response.

        Requisitioning material for production through a document is to track and control material issue to production orders from stores.

        This is an established process in the client's business and I feel its a valid scenario, same happens in India companies too.

        I am just trying to understand how a subinventory transfer could act as control document, may be I can take the transaction id the document #, but again what should trigger the transfer transaction ? It comes back to the same thing again, what should trigger the stores to do a subinventory transfer.

        Also the WIP material issue is within the work execution work area, whereas the material issue should happen from stores, that is the inventory guys should be able to perform this transaction. I understand when we perform WIP issue through Review Dispatch List in Work Execution it is issued from inventory but this task is within the work execution work area which I feel is not right, same has been the case in EBS WIP.

        Review Dispatch List access cant be given to stores guys and production guys cant perform an inventory activity, can you please shed some light around this and why it was designed like this so that I can convince the customer.

        Could you please share your email id so that I can share the customer details.