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    Antony Joseph Lenin Davidraj
    ESS Process Count
    Topic posted August 8, 2019 by Antony Joseph Lenin Davidraj, tagged File Based Data Integration - FBDI, Import Bulk Data 
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    ESS Process Count
    Retrieve ESS job process and reject count

    We are using the ErpIntegration web service to invoke ESS jobs from java application. We are able to submit jobs. For example, we are able to import file to UCM and launch import suppliers job. Using the document id returned from the uploadfiletoUCM service, we launch the required job and the service using importBulkData service. This service returns the parent process id, however there are sequence of child jobs running. I want to know if we can get the list of all child jobs and retrieve ESS job process and reject count



    Oracle Cloud Application 19C (



    • Magesh Raj
        If you are using importbulk data then use call back functionality to provide all the child ESS job information in json format
           1. Setup callback listener (make sure firewall is open to receive information)
      2. receive json format feedback with parentid and child id's as well document id
      3. Call WebService downloadESSJobExecutionDetails based on step 2 document ID to download the Error and other log files
      Refer to the following document for detailed steps including json format feedback
      Using External Data Integration Services for Oracle ERP Cloud (Doc ID 2102800.1)
      • Antony Joseph Lenin Davidraj

        Thanks Mahesh for your response. Are there any methods available in ErpIntegrationService webservice to fetch these details? Also is there a way to get the process count details?




    • Magesh Raj

      Hi Antony,


      In ErpIntegrationService.importBulkData   specify callback URL and setup call back listener. Part of call back results are shown here with. There is no direct process count web service exists. Only option we have used so for is to call web service downloadESSJobExecutionDetails  and then count the rows which is tedious .



       <ns0:onJobCompletion xmlns:ns0="">
               <resultMessage>{"JOBS":[{"JOBNAME":"Load Interface File for Import","JOBPATH":"/oracle/apps/ess/financials/commonModules/shared/common/interfaceLoader","DOCUMENTNAME":"","REQUESTID":"224507","STATUS":"SUCCEEDED","CHILD":[{"JOBNAME":"Transfer File","JOBPATH":"/oracle/apps/ess/financials/commonModules/shared/common/interfaceLoader","REQUESTID":"224508","STATUS":"SUCCEEDED"},{"JOBNAME":"Load File to Interface","JOBPATH":"/oracle/apps/ess/financials/commonModules/shared/common/interfaceLoader","REQUESTID":"224509","STATUS":"SUCCEEDED"}]},{"JOBNAME":"Import Journals","JOBPATH":"/oracle/apps/ess/financials/generalLedger/programs/common","REQUESTID":"224510","STATUS":"SUCCEEDED","CHILD":[{"JOBNAME":"Import Journals: Child","JOBPATH":"/oracle/apps/ess/financials/generalLedger/programs/common","REQUESTID":"224511","STATUS":"SUCCEEDED"}]},{"JOBNAME":"Upload Interface Error and Job Output File to Universal Content Management","JOBPATH":"/oracle/apps/ess/financials/commonModules/shared/common/interfaceLoader","REQUESTID":"224512","STATUS":"SUCCEEDED"}],"SUMMARYSTATUS":"SUCCEEDED","DOCUMENTID":"282617"}</resultMessage>