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    Tim Simpson
    Oracle Digital Assistant Complete/Incomplete Time Frame
    Topic posted October 15, 2019 by Tim SimpsonGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Bots, Virtual Assistant 
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    Oracle Digital Assistant Complete/Incomplete Time Frame
    Complete/Incomplete Chat Time Frame

    Hi All,

    Im new here, this is my first post :)

    Looking for some info regarding the Complete/Incomplete time frames for Oracle Digital assistant, as we have seen some chats marked complete or incomplete with quite a delay sometimes after quite a few hours. This is not happening for all chats but a fair few.

    Is there an expected or estimated timeframe for when a chats should show up as complete or incomplete? 

    Any info would be great.






    • Grant Ronald

      Welcome to the forum Tim - are you talking about Insights features of ODA?  If so what you are likely seeing is that a chat is only marked as "Complete" when it hits a return statement in the dialog flow.  For a conversation to be marked as "Incomplete" you're likely going to have to timeout - which is where you are seeing a delay.

      That is my guess with the information you have given.



      • Tim Simpson

        Hi Grant, thanks for the reply, I am indeed talking about the insights.

        We will keep monitoring the incomplete chats and see the delayed incomplete chats are a result of timing out, thanks for the info.



      • Lorna Rickett

        Grant, do you know how long this usually takes to time out? we see the incompletes coming in a day+ later even though our session expiration is set at 20 mins.

    • Grant Ronald

      The current implementation for a "timed out" conversation will be 24 hours - we are planning a feature in insights that will allow you define the end of a conversation WITHOUT having to use a return transition OR a timeout.