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    Kelly Cooper
    SCM – Implementing Order Management Cloud – Tips & Best Pra...
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    SCM – Implementing Order Management Cloud – Tips & Best Practices (Part 15) – Shipment Set in Order Management - 30 October 2019, 9 a.m. PT - Submit Questions

    Submit your questions for the SCM – Implementing Order Management Cloud - Tips & Best Practices (Part 15): Shipment Set in Order Management session to have them answered during the live event. Post your questions by posting a new comment to this topic.

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    • Harshal Agrawal

      Hi Team,

      I am having one question on shipment set:
      Suppose I am having 2 items in a shipment set, One item is back to back enabled and another item is back to back not enabled.
      In this case how shipment set will work ?
      As I can see that currently shipment set is not working in this scenario. can you please help me in this scenario ?


      • Vijay Swaminathan


        Can I know the specific case which is not working for you. In general, we do have some limitations around using shipment set currently.

        However the current case that you have highlighted does work.

        If you can shed some more details around what you have noticed that is not working in your case, I would be happy to help.


    • Harshal Agrawal

      Hi Vijay,

      The scenario is :

      In one sales order I am having 3 lines, 1 purchased item with Back to Back enabled as No and 2 ATO item with back to back as YES. Each with quantity 2 piecs.
      Now if we try to split the one of the fulfillment lines the lines get locked and we need to raise the SR to unlock the lines and this happens with our items on regular basis.
      During in one of the session with us you have mentioned as shipment set cannot be used with Back to Back YES and back to back NO items(SR number : 3-20868517211)