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    Amarnath Ramaraj
    Job Definition for Loading Files to Demand Planning
    Topic posted April 16, 2019 by Amarnath RamarajGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Collections, Demand Management Cloud, How-to, Planning Central Cloud 
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    Job Definition for Loading Files to Demand Planning
    To use Operation: importBulkData for Planning Data files from Flat files

    We are Planning to load files from our SOA (On Premise Fusion middleware to SCM Cloud).

    We are planning to use : Operation: importBulkData

    The importBulkData operation uploads a file to the Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM) server based on the document details specified and submits an ESS job to load and import the uploaded files to an application table.

    (We got the Above from Using External Data Integration Services for Oracle ERP Cloud ( Doc ID 2102800.1 )
    Attachment titled : Using External Data Integration Services R13(2.52 MB)
    Now to use importBulkData, We need the Job Details as the parameters.
    We reviewed the below document to see the PredefinedSchedule of job used to load Planning Data files. We did not find the details on this.


    In the task, 'Manage Enterprise Scheduler Job Definitions and Job Sets for Financial, Supply Chain Management, and Related Applications', Could  not find 'Load Planning Data for Files' .


    R13 19A

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    • Krushna Sahoo
      Hi Amar, its there in same 'Manage Enterprise Scheduler*' page
      Load Planning Data from Flat Files
      Load data from CSV file to staging tables.