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    Configure to Route a Supplier Initiated Profile Change...
    Topic posted December 20, 2018 by Piyush SinghGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, last edited December 20, 2018, tagged How-To, Tip 
    Configure to Route a Supplier Initiated Profile Change Request to Users with Specific Application Role
    How to assign a group of users, with a specific application role, to receive approval notification for Supplier Initiated Profile Change Requests?

    You may have use case to route a change request for supplier profile to a group of users whom you have designated to review the supplier profile changes and take appropriate actions. Using the FSM task ‘Manage Supplier Profile Change Approvals’, you can achieve this by selecting routing to:

    1. An approval group, which has all the users you want to notify for approval, or

    2. All your Supplier Administrators or Supplier Managers.

    Using an approval group allows you to route change requests to a fixed set of users, who are part of the group, irrespective of their job roles. Whereas you can use seeded Supplier Administrator and Supplier Manager job roles to route the change requests to your users with these roles. We use these seeded job roles to provide an out of the box change requests routing.

    If your use case requires more flexibility and the above options do not fit the bill, then you can configure your routing based on job roles. This option is not available through the setup page ‘Manage Supplier Profile Change Approvals’, but you can change the approval configuration through BPM following these steps.

    For example, I have created a custom role POZ_Supplier_Administrator_Abstract_CR that I want to add for the routing of change requests.


    Step 1:

    Login as Procurement Application Administrator.

    Step 2:

    Navigate to Task Configuration in BPM Worklist.



    Step 3:

    Search for task ‘ProfileChangeRequestApproval’ and click to edit the assignees for this task.


    Step 4:

    Access the task and click to edit.


    Step 5:

    Navigate to the Assignees tab and click Go to rule icon for the participant where your approval rule is authored.


    Step 6:

    Identify the rule for which you need to change the routing and expand it. For this rule, under 'Then' region, enter null for Users and Groups. Use Application Role search to select and add the role that you want to add for routing.





    Step 7:

    Once done, click to save the changes and then commit the changes.




    Points to consider:

    1. Identify your approval requirements and then depending upon your requirements you can use either BPM or FSM to author approval rules. If approval requirements are simple and can be accomplished using FSM, then we recommend using FSM task ‘Manage Supplier Profile Change Approvals’ to author approval rules. For complex approval requirements that are not supported through FSM task, you can use BPM task ‘ProfileChangeRequestApproval’ to author approval rules.
    2. Flipping between FSM and BPM for approval configuration is discouraged and therefore you must finalize and stick to one for your approvals configuration.
    3. With the change detailed above, the approval history region will not show the actual approvers who receive the approval notification, but it will show the application role receiving the notification. 


    To review the list of users who have this role, you need to navigate to Security Console. Search for the role and click to edit. Under Users train stop, you will find all the users with this role.