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    Markus Janssen
    Getting the Employee Self Service app to work
    Topic posted January 31, 2017 by Markus Janssen 
    Getting the Employee Self Service app to work
    Getting the Employee Self Service app to work

    Hi all,

    in MCS Oracle offers the Employee Self Service for Oracle E-Business Suite solution. You can commit and view timecards in EBS with this app.

    So we tried to implement the solotiun. The solutions exist of the following components:

    - a JET app that use api's from

    - MCS that uses apis from

    - ICS that connects with EBS (with a on-premise agent).

    Now the hole chain works fine when I commit a timecard but when the app request the timecards from EBS then something goes wrong in MCS.

    The request from app to EBS goes all right but MCS seems not able to process the json message from ICS.

    When I look at the JSON message that MCS receive (I have put some logging into the API implementation code) then it looks like this:

    {"o:status":"Success","o:message":"7 record(s) found!","o:timecardSummaries":[{"o:timecardId":"343710","o:startTime":"2017-01-23T12:00:00.000Z","o:stopTime":"2017-01-29T11:59:59.000Z","o:approvalStatus":"SUBMITTED","o:totalHours":"9","o:timeEntries":[{"o:dateWorked":"2017-01-23","o:startTime":"10:00:00","o:stopTime":"19:00:00","o:hours":"9","o:approvalStatus":"SUBMITTED","o:timecardComment":null,"o:timecardCategoryID":"33","o:timecardCategory":"Holiday","o:workLocation":null}]}

    When I look at other JSON messages that MCS receive from ICS they look like this:

    {"status":"Success","message":"Vacation balance: 6.79245283018867924528, Vacation taken: 0","vacationBalance":"6.79245283018867924528"}

    Is it possible that MCS has problems hande JSON messages that have elements with "o:" before the real element?

    Can anyone help me with this issue?