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    Michael Webb
    Purchasing Category Code Hierarchy
    Topic posted April 12, 2016 by Michael WebbBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Approvals, Setup 
    Purchasing Category Code Hierarchy

    I've had a couple of conversations with customers recently regarding the use of the Purchasing Category Code (PCC) in functionality like Workflow Approvals, Transaction Account Builder (TAB) and reporting.

    Although they had read the Release 11 RCD and Whats New documents, they hadn't picked up that we had added the ability to define a tree hierarchy of values in Release 9 of Oracle Purchasing Cloud, and that they could not only use the detail values of the PCC, they could also use the hierarchy values as well to simplify setups.

    Many customers (and System Integrators) have taken the old EBS approach in using multi-segment KFF structures in defining the PCC, and using the segments as a way to indicate a hierarchy of values into the segments to the user. But this 'structure' was not available to be used in other functionality.

    In Release 9, we started advising customers and SI's to go to a single segment PCC, and provided the ability to define a tree hierarchy of values (PCCH) that could be used elsewhere. In Release 9 we provided access to the PCCH for defining the buyer assignment rules.

    In release 11, we extended the use of the PCCH for Purchasing Workflow Approvals, TAB and OTBI reporting. Setups can be simplified by reducing the number of entries required, and Reporting can now move up or down the hierarchy providing more insight.

    For those of you that are interested in learning more about PCCH, I've included the link to the TOI.