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    .NET on build error
    Topic posted February 11, 2009 by PorterJ Green Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited October 29, 2011 
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    .NET on build error

    Hello everyone.


    I am getting a warning when I build my website that utilizes RightNow connect that states "RNOWCfVal.CfId is obsolete"   can anyone lend a hand on clearing this warning up?






    • ryszard antonczyk



      May you please provide us with a little bit more info:

      • which version of assemblies (I assume you use C# integration) are you using currently?
      • which version of assemblies your code was written against originally?





    • PorterJ



      Thanks for the quick response.


      I am using the C# assembilies version

    • Ryan McCullough



      This warning is saying that the RNOWCfVal.CfId property is obsolete or deprecated. The description of that field says:

      The ID of the custom field. Required for create and update transactions. This field is deprecated in that it is no longer nullable. 


      What this means is that the field previously accepted a System.Nullable<int> data type, it will only accept int when the backward compatibility is removed.


      You need to make sure you are not assigning a null value to this field. .NET will allow you to put an int into a System.Nullable<int>, as for reading the value, you can do something like this:


      int CfId = (RNOWCfVal.CfId == null ? -1 : RNOWCfVal.CfId.Value);