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    Alex Montroy
    19A - OM Process Sales Orders for Projects
    Topic posted March 19, 2019 by Alex Montroy, tagged Order Management, Order Management Analytics, Public Sector, SCM 
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    19A - OM Process Sales Orders for Projects
    Processing Sales orders for Projects question.



    In the recent 19A update, Oracle have introduced the ability to process sales orders for Projects. The functionality allows you to enter project charging details on/each individual line basis.

    Whilst I have discussed this with support and product design, it doesn't appear that automating the functionality is yet available - or at least speeding it up.

    So for my organisation, we a projects facing delivery organisation where there are 1000's of projects. Majority (so hundreds) of which will need items from Inventory, over the life cycles each months for different volumes. Some Projects may need one item in a month - others need 300 items in a month.


    This enhancement would be ideal to adopt but what concerns me is the volume of manual work that is needed. Effectively, adding the project charging details on a line by line basis would not work for us.


    Oracle support have suggested an Order Management Extension which could achieve the same outcome?

    Extract from Support:

    Currently there is no defaulting supported for defaulting of the project related attributes while entering it from

    the UI. Are all of the 50 lines on the order expected to be against the same project and carry the same values for all the project information? If so, they can consider entering the project on one of the line and then writing an order management extension to copy the project information from one of the line to rest of the lines assuming it has the same project information for all of the lines.


    Has any other users of OM who rely heavily on Project charging having the same issue? How are other organisations charging transactions back to projects on a large volume scale?







    • Alex Montroy



      Are there any other customers with similar issues/needs who have worked around this issue?