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    Scott Rose
    ePBCS - Workforce - New Hires Not Calculating Salary
    Topic posted October 4, 2019 by Scott RoseGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Calc Manager, EPBCS, Financial Planning, Planning, Upgrade, Workforce 
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    ePBCS - Workforce - New Hires Not Calculating Salary
    New Hires entered in Workforce and Salary does not calculate (everything else does)

    When a new hire is entered using the new hires form and Add Requisition is chosen from the Action Menu forms are filled out, Salary Basis and Rate is chosen and the Salary Basis chosen is "Annual".  The new hire is added, benefits is calculated but No Salary shows.

    The issue looks to be "Annual" is not gettting into the Salary Basis Component and Basic Salary Account by month, therefore the salary does not calculate.  If I manually submitt Annual to the entered employee the calc works.  We do have some customized calcs does anyone know the calc pushes the Salary Basis chosen on the New Hires form to the Workforce cube?

    I've documented the new hire entry and my results in the attached.






    • Mark Rinaldi

      Have you entered the Assumptions such as Hours Per Day, Hours per Week, and Days per Month?

      • Scott Rose

        Yes - we have those defined and annual was chosen - thanks for your help we found there were some calcs that needed to be restored given an update.

    • Ravijyot Kaur

      Can you review if the template OWP_Assign Compensation_T has been customized? There was an enhancement made to Add Requisition in 19.05 release and as part of that enhancement, salary basis is copied to every month and the member formula of OWP_Basic Salary refers to the Salary Basis in the current month instead of BegBalance.

      • Scott Rose

        Yes - this was it, we must have had some custom code in the rules below, once I restored the following rules we were able to calc new hire salary.  But now for some reason (not sure if it is related to this) we are not able to calculate existing employees salary in our forecast scenario.  Any ideas if this restore could contribute to it, basically process loaded details calc is not pushing Headcount, Action, and Employee Type into the out months.

        • OWP_Add Requisition_GT
        • OWP_Add Requisition_T
        • OWP_Assign Compensation_T

        Thanks for your help!

    • Ravijyot Kaur

      Have you modified the substitution variable OEP_YearRange for the cube OEP_WFP to cover the years for both plan and forecast scenarios? We are working on an enhancement to deliver this in next few months.

      Regarding your question, restore of these templates should not cause the issue mentioned.