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    Tasha Kretlow
    Cannot Resubmit Paid Invoice with Update to Distributions
    Topic posted November 7, 2019 by Tasha KretlowGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Financials, Payables, Setup / Administration 
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    Cannot Resubmit Paid Invoice with Update to Distributions


    I am attempting to update the distribution on an Unmatched invoice after it is paid. I create a new line with the negative amount in the original distribution and the create another line with the same amount in the new distribution. I can validate it and approval status is "Resubmit for Approval". When I attempt to resubmit, I get the error message:

    This action is not applicable for the invoice in its current state.

    I have the option "Allow Adjustment to Paid Invoices" enabled in Invoice Options so I do not understand why I cannot resubmit the invoice with changes to the distribution. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. 

    Oracle Cloud 19C



    • Amjad Mohar

      Have you tried withdrawing it and then re-submitting it?

    • Julien Dubouis

      From a process point of view, the approval prevents the payment when it is not given. What would be the point of approving again after the invoice is paid ? Oracle probably added a new control to verify that unpaid amount is different from 0.

    • Brian Burns

      Hi Tasha,

      When you are creating the negative line amount are you cancelling the original line that you are trying to correct?  If not, can you try to cancel the original line then create a new line for the same $ amount but with the correct distribution. I'm not sure if that is the issue but that's the process we follow when correcting these types of errors on a paid invoice distribution.