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    Customize Facebook pages?
    Topic posted May 4, 2011 by bryan.arndorfer Bronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited March 8, 2012 
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    Customize Facebook pages?

    Is there any plans to make the Facebook pages available to customize?  Or can the Facebook pages be customized by Professional Services?


    We are integrating with Facebook, using the provided pages.  However it is providing several limitations.  For example we have a customized "Ask A Question" process that requires several fields to be filled in based on answers from other fields.  Also our Answer site in the customer portal is not so much search by keyword driven, as it is search by product/category.






    • chekwa

      ditto  what fabian said, it's already been a year. i got it to to show up on our company's fb page, but all the custom fields show up.

      i'm sure a lot more companies want to use this but hindered by this limitation.

    • Alex Jarvie

      Firstly I'd just like to check in and see if there has been any further development in this area.

      We have a decent number of public custom fields that really shouldn't be on a Facebook AAQ, and makes this area of implementation pretty much unusable.


      Secondly, if i'd like to accept idea posts, what is the difference between post type and resource IDs? I figure one should be '1' for incident (or a different object if required), but am not sure which, nor what the other should be.

    • Jeremy Kembel

      An update here: opening up the FB pages is now actively in development. I'll update again here once it's "docked" for release (when I'll have a date available). But this is now in our sights.

    • Matthew Callison

      Woot!  That "include all cutsom fields by default" was a deal breaker for us.  It will be nice to actually use this someday.

    • Chris Cahill



      Six months on, is there an update yet please?


    • Jeremy Kembel

      We got a long way through this dev effort in the fall, but had to defer docking and releasing it for a bit longer. Unfortunately I don't have a hard timeline for the final bits - we're currently working a couple of higher priority items. In the interim, and as has been mentioned above in this thread, it should be possible to create a custom CP page (largely from scratch) to change behavior - for example to show/hide specific custom fields.

      Chris (and all) - how would you prioritize this request on your overall priority list of Customer Portal requests? As I mentioned, finishing it out got bumped for 2 higher priority items on our side, but I'm always interested to know how well that does / doesn't overlap with your own perspective on priority.

    • Matthew Callison

      This is still very important to us.  It's been broken for so long that it has fallen off the roadmap a bit, but if I could go back to my business owners and tell them that a fix was on the horizon, I'm sure they would start snapping at it again.  I mention it to our Program Manager (or whatever his current title is) during on our bi-weekly calls, but so far there is no news.

      We do have a highly customized AAQ page (and CP in general), but it still doesn't help.  The reason the current Facebook app doesn't work for us is that when ever we add a Custom Field, it is displayed on the Facebook AAQ page.  Yes, I can turn visibility off, but now I cannot use that Custom Field on any CP page, which is unacceptable.

    • Jeremy Kembel

      Thanks, Matthew. Yes, the field visibility behavior is perhaps the most difficult issue for many customers to overcome. Just for clarity on my explanation of the work-around, the option is to *not* use the out of the box Facebook AAQ page at all, instead creating a new FB app that references a different, custom page. You'd have to manage the authentication, too, so this definitely isn't a zero effort work around. But the new custom page referenced in the new FB app could use standard CP behavior for field visibility. 

    • Chris Cahill



      At the moment this is a show stopper for us using the Facebook functionality at the moment, so it is very important. Building our own custom app really defeats the point in purchasing a package with this kind of functionality in the first place.

      I have done a quick search on Ideas and this Idea seems the most relevant (part 1) to what we are talking about on this thread:

      Perhaps if everybody on this thread liked that Idea it would give Jeremy an idea of how important (or not) it is to us.


    • Matthew Callison

      Post has been "liked".  Obviously, having a customizable Facebook AAQ page is the optimal solution, but either one of those suggestions would at least allow us to finally use the app.

    • Ryan Mottice

      Jeremy --

      Quick check-in to see where finishing this up falls in the current backlog.