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    Customize Facebook pages?
    Topic posted May 4, 2011 by bryan.arndorfer Bronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited March 8, 2012 
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    Customize Facebook pages?

    Is there any plans to make the Facebook pages available to customize?  Or can the Facebook pages be customized by Professional Services?


    We are integrating with Facebook, using the provided pages.  However it is providing several limitations.  For example we have a customized "Ask A Question" process that requires several fields to be filled in based on answers from other fields.  Also our Answer site in the customer portal is not so much search by keyword driven, as it is search by product/category.






    • Ernie Turner

      The Facebook application cannot be edited, even by pro services. We are starting to look into methods to allow more customization access, but we don't have anything concrete to report at this time.

    • Vivian Tedford

      Any updates to this item since May? 

    • Jeremy Watson

      Not at the moment.  The Facebook application pages are still read-only.


    • Diane Kohnert


      Along the lines of customizations for FB AAQ page...

      Is there a way to NOT show the custom fields on the AAQ facebook page?  but leave the custom fields visible for the Customer Portal pages?


    • Ernie Turner

      Currently no, that is not possible. If a custom field is set to be enduser visible, it will appear on the Facebook page set.

    • Don Pennell

       OK ... so if we are not able to alter the appearance of the AAQ page, is it possible to have a second AAQ page copied and then remove the fields on the new one, then have the Facebbok open this AAQ page instead of the standard page?

      Sorry to ask but we are currently get hammered by Clients who have heavily customised AAQ pages but only want a standard Facebook AAQ page.

      Cheers - Don

    • Bryan Arndorfer



      Yes you can create an AAQ page(custom) in the CP and show it in Facebook(I believe there is still an iframe option available in the developer center).  This would give CP administrators control over the Facebook page.


      Keep in mind that doing so, may not permit a true "Facebook" integration.  Also all the CP session considerations will apply.

    • Don Pennell


      Thanks for the response, at least it is starting to look a little more promising.

      Still being a little wet behind the ears with CP work, I find it hard to locate pages to do with Facebook, are you able to point me in the right location to find them?

      Cheers and thanks - Don

    • bryan.arndorfer



      At present the facebook pages source code is not visible to us.  


      What you can use is the standard AAQ page in the CP and format it appropriately.  

      However the missing piece on that page will be that the CP page doesn't login a user into RNT (to submit the question), out of the box, based on the currently logged in facebook user.

    • Matthew Callison

      I have also been running to a roadblock with this.  We have a custom AAQ with a dozen or so custom fields that are displayed or hidden with JavaScript based on customer selections.  Now, when I set up the Facebook app, every custom field is showing on the form, even ones that are mutually exclusive selections on the AAQ page.

      After about a week or so of back and forth with RNow, the answer is no, the Facebook app will not be changed.  The only way for the custom fields to not show up in the Facebook is to deselect End-User Visibility...which also pulls them off the custom AAQ page.  I asked if there was a way in PHP or JavaScript to override visibility setting and force them to show on the AAQ page.  That answer was also no.

      I am new to PHP, and while I am learning fast, I thought I would toss an idea out there and see if anyone thinks it's possible.  Is there a way to submit data that is NOT input through a widget?  What my intent in this is to hard-code the input fields on AAQ page in HTML/JavaScript, getting around the whole pesky End-User Visibility thing, then pass the data along to some function that can dump it into RNow and still have it routed correctly.

      It's ugly, I know, but we simply cannot have a dozen conflicting options showing to the customer in the Facebook app, and they are vital to our AAQ page.

    • Don Pennell

      OK so we all agree that the Facebook app in its present state is very limiting to everyone wanting to use it with their CX AAQ page.

      This is the single line of code on the AAQ page that controls the display of the custom fields:
          <?=rnWidgetRenderCall('standard/input/CustomAllInput', array('table' => 'incidents','always_show_mask' => 'true',));?>

      Unforetunately users, including PS do not have access to it to amend, modify or delete it ... can I ask why this is?

      What are the effects on removing the code if users only want a stantard AAQ page displayed if they have lots of Custom fields?
      i.e: Upgrade issues, SP issues, etc...

      Cheers - Don

    • Tom Perler

      Hi, we use the AAQ page too. The usability is really good. I didn`t think this before.

    • hiltonlloyd

      Great Maker! I have found that if you use contact custom fields on your portal pages(in place of custom incident fields) these do not showup in the facebook application. Ive used a configuration rule for inicdents to transcribe the custom contact fields value into the appropriate service requests field. Its a pain in the nads to create duplicate contact fields, but atleast we can now use the facebook app fucntionality.

    • chekwa

      you guys have any samples on how this looks like on facebook's timeline?

    • Christian Alfaro

      Hi everyone.

      to date there any way to hide the custom field in the RN Facebook ask form!?