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    Topics on which Customers would like articles to be...
    Topic posted September 4, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged FAQ 
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    Topics on which Customers would like articles to be published
    What are the topics that you would be interested to learn more about on Customer Connect?


    Are there any special areas or topics about which you would like articles to be written?

    Let us know.





    • Harshith Eshwar Shaila

      Hi Ashok,

      Need detailed documentation on how data flows/interacts between all oracle cloud modules.(SCM, Procurement, Finance, Projects, HCM and Reporting)

      This would give better insight on understanding how Oracle Cloud works.



      Harshith E S


    • Ashok


      Thank you for your response. i was really hoping the topics would be in my wheel house - Self Service Procurement :).

       Just some context. My team provides articles periodically touching upon various aspects of our product and its functionality. I am looking for ideas on what other topics customers would be interested to read articles about.

      Not to suggest your feedback is not relevant. I would need to see how to even approach that.



      • Harshith Eshwar Shaila

        Well from your perspective, can you provide documentation on how Self-Service Procurement module interacts with relevent other Oracle Cloud modules laugh

    • Ashok

      Hi Harshith

      Just so I am clear, exactly what kind of details are we looking for here? The reason I ask, there is normally documentation that handles cross functional flows when we discuss specific features across different applications. For instance, if you wanted to understand how internal transfer works across different applications, there are TOIs and Documentation that you can leverage. Another example is a whitepaper for Outside Service Processing that spans across flows in different applications.

      So we tend to provide documentation that is more contextual to a business requirement. I don't believe there is such a thing as 'generic' flows across applications. As you can imagine, that would be so generic that the value proposition of even providing some broad strokes for that kind of documentation would be in question.

      Is there something specific you are looking to understand across applications? Maybe the answer lies in your requirement.

    • Alan

      What I have noticed are questions stemming from our business partners and users is that, why can't details of the PR/PO/Invoice all be interconnected together? I have used Procurement systems in the past where no matter what you are viewing, you could always click from that view to get details of what you are looking for.

      For example, if I clicked on a Purchase Order and I wanted to see which invoices have been matched to that PO, I could do that from the Purchase Order. With Oracle, a user would have to click back into their Purchase Requisition, then click on View Life Cycle, before they can see the details of the invoices. 

      It would be nice to understand how Purchase Requisitions are connected to Purchase Orders to Invoices and hopefully in the future, things can be inter-connected with each other.