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    David Cesteros
    Pros/cons for using 'Period end' as ‘Expense a...
    Topic posted July 13, 2017 by David CesterosRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Pros/cons for using 'Period end' as ‘Expense accruals’ using Purchasing
    Implication using 'Period end' as ‘Expense accruals’ using Purchasing

    Currently we have setup ‘Expense accruals’ as ‘At receipt’
    We are evaluating change to ‘period end’


    From my point of view you have more control about your purchasing flow using 'at receipt' instead of 'period end`'

    I´d like to know the pros/cons of using 'period end'



    • Ivan Pena

      Hi David,

      It depends on  whether you want the GL balances to reflect the current accrual all the time, or whether you are OK with having the value calculated only at period end. Note accruing at receipt will increase the reconciliation effort, as there will be more journal entries to review.