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    Vi Giout
    Unfinished activities look finished by estimated end time
    Topic posted February 7, 2019 by Vi GioutBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Configuration, Dispatch Functionally 
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    Unfinished activities look finished by estimated end time
    Unfinished activities look finished by estimated end time

    I have noticed that when an activity starts close to the end of a shift and the technician does not marks it as done and does not deactivates the route then the activity looks as if is finished at the estimated time of end (this could be before or after the end of the shift) but remains with status started.

    Of course the direction is for the technicians to close their activities and deactivate their route. But in case that happens, I would have thought that at least it would look as if it was delayed at to the end of the shift.

    Can someone confirm if this is standard behavior?



    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Hi Vassiliki,

      I don't get how it's look like "finished" if the status is still "started". In my experience it's left on that day with "started" state (and color) and isn't has end time, but RO as the usual behavior for activities which belongs to a past day which is already closed. There isn't a good reason to do anything with the activity by the system, because only the technician knows what was the case there.

      Maybe you just facing the issue which is reported in


      • Vi Giout

        Yes, we are aware of the fact that the activity is read only. I was referring to how it is displayed on the time view for example. there the space that the activity takes up (and logically I think) is up to the estimated end time. We were just wondering if that is standard behavior.