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    Radhika Agiwal
    STA Journals
    Topic posted August 21, 2019 by Radhika AgiwalBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Allocations, Financials, General Ledger 
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    STA Journals
    STAT Journals



    I have a question regarding stat journals to be used for Mass Allocations in Oracle GL Fusion.


    I created a Journals for Ledger: US CORP which has functional currency: USD.


    I created the journal with currency as STAT


    Now when i post the journal, i can see the accounted_dr and cr are in USD and entered_dr and cr are in STAT.


    Does it imply that journals in STAT currency will also affect Trial Balance ?


    My understanding was that journals in STAT currency doesn't affect your GL balances in the functional currency. Let' say if i create a STAT journal to record the headcount, why should it be affecting the Trial Balance ?


    Could you please help in filling the gaps here.


    Thanks in advance 



    • Abhijit

      STAT Journals never affects any functional GL Balances (Trial Balance).