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    Pavol Procka
    5+ chats abandoned within 30 mins
    Topic posted May 11, 2018 by Pavol ProckaSilver Crown: 22,500+ Points, last edited May 11, 2018 
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    5+ chats abandoned within 30 mins


    Hoping somebody uses something similar or will know how to proceed. I made a report to show abandoned chats (customer left before agent got engaged) and wanted to fire alerts when 5 or more are abandoned within the last 30 mins. The Alert does fire, but the report only shows one chat, instead of all 5.

    I am working off an exception (chats.first_engaged IS NULL) that needs to fire 5 consecutive times and the report is set to look at the last 30 mins.

    Please ignore the other alerts scheduled there, I am concerned about those with the subject "5+ Chats Abandoned within 30 min".

    Any idea what I am doing wrong?
    I have attached the report xml.

    Many thanks





    • Pavol Procka

      Here also the definition.

    • Amy Nash

      Hello Pavol,

      I think there may be some confusion on how scheduled alerts work.  When you have an alert configured, it will send the report when the configured exception has be met at least one time.   You can set the fire rule to only send the alert if it's met X number of times consecutively.  This doesn't mean that the number of records that match the exception is X.   It means that the exception was met at least once when the report was run X consecutive scheduled times.  

      If you want to alert someone if there were more than 5 abandoned chats in the past 30 minutes, then you'd create a report to count the number of abandoned chats and put an exception on the count being greater or equal to 5.  If you only wanted to alert the people only if it happened say 3 consecutive times - then you'd set your hit count in the alert rule to 3.  For example, maybe it's okay to have 5 abandoned chats sporadically.  But, if it's a problem if there have consistently been more than 5 for each of the past three 30-minute periods, then you'd set the alert fire rule to 3.

      I'd say to configure the report something like:
         chats.completed >= (relative) -30 minutes exactly
         chats.first_engaged is null
         (any other filters on queues, etc)

         Number of Abandoned:  count(chats.chat_id)

          count(chats.chat_id) >= 5

      Then set up your schedule to run for all times you want to check (e.g. for all 15 minute intervals during your work day).  Include the notification e-mail address in the alert's "To:" box and set the rule to send whenever it is met 1 time.  This will then send the e-mail notification any time there were 5 or more chats abandoned in the previous 30 minute period.

      I can't think of a way to send the list of the five (or more) abandoned chats - but only send it when there are least 5 records returned on the report (or when an exception is met at least 5 times).   I think the people receiving the alert would need to manually run a separate report with similar filters and columns like customer, queue, how long they waited, etc. in order to view the specific information after being alerted. 


    • Sasi Gudimetta

      Hi Amy,

      I have a question based on the explanation you have provided (BTW a huge thanks for explaining the alerts since I was under the same impression as Pavol).

      If I check for all 15 minute intervals in a work day but my filter is checking for 5+ chats abandoned within a 30 minute time frame, then will the system ignore or consider the chats that were abandoned in the last 15 minute interval.

      For example: between 2:30 PM and 2:45 PM there were 2 chats abandoned, and between 2:45 PM and 3 PM there were 6 chats abandoned. Now when the alert runs at 3 PM it will find that a total of 8 chats were abandoned in the last run of the report and send an alert. Now lets say between 3 PM and 3:15 PM there were NO abandoned chats. But I have a 15 minute schedule that runs at 3:15 looking at the 30 minutes from 2:45 PM to 3:15 PM. So will the system fire an alert again since there were 6 abandoned between 2:45 PM to 3 PM? or does it ignore the alert?


      Sasi K Rao.

    • Pavol Procka

      Hi Amy,

      thank you so much for your explanation. I am now testing your suggestion and will get back here with the results.

      My aim is however indeed to have the abandoned chats included in the report. Let's see what I get once it fired. Would test with our Chat Test Q, but seem to be experiencing unrelated problems with it :)

      Many Thanks




    • Amy Nash


      Per your question, with the report filter set up to return the chats from the previous 30 minutes and the schedule set to run every 15 minutes, we would be counting each 15-minute interval in two 30-minute intervals.  In your example, the alert would be sent at 3:00 because we'd be counting all 8 chats.  It would be sent again at 3:15 because there were 6 chats in the interval from 2:45-3:15.  The previous 30 minute interval exceeded the alert exception value at both 3:00 and 3:15.