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    Antero Makinen
    Resource name in activity details & search function
    Topic posted April 15, 2019 by Antero MakinenBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, last edited April 15, 2019, tagged Configuration 
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    Resource name in activity details & search function
    Looking for a field, which would include bucket's or technician's name to provide quick information where activity is


    I'm looking for a field, that would include the name of the resource (bucket or technician) which has the activity in. We are using the new Core App. In old legacy manage, the resource was shown in parentheses, for example "Activity Details (John The Technician)" when we opened the activity. (See attached image for example).

    I would like to get that information to activity details page so when dispatcher's open activities, they could easily see who has it. Also I'd like to add this field to the search function, so we wouldn't even have to open the activity to see who has that activity in their bucket. I tried "resource.pname" but it's only for the users name who is logged in, and not the resources name which has the activity in. Also, not all these fields are available in the activity configuration because it only includes activity type properties and not resource type properties.

    If there's no field for that, I can post a suggestion to IdeaLab, because I think this is quite important information for users and it should be there to provide better user experience.

    Hopefully I clarified my issue clearly enough. Thanks! :)




    • Madhumitha Thinakaran

      Hi Antero,

      If you want to look onto a easy access of the technician name assigned activity you can view in list, and apply hierachy.



      • Antero Makinen

        Hi Madhu,

        Thank you for your comment. Yes, that is the easiest way to see where the activity is when we are looking inside buckets and when looking at list of activities in Dispatch console. But that's not so easy to do on mobile devices, and it's not helpful when searching activities or when activity is opened in UI. smiley

      • Zsolt Tolgyesi

        Hi Madhu,

        Thank you, but the reported issue is related to Core Application / Dispatch Console, where your "easy" way is the follow:
        - look for the activity by ID in the right top search
        - get date
        - select that day
        - select top of the Tree and hierarchical List View
        - sort by ID
        - scroll down until you found the exact activity
        - read the Resource name from first column
        - search for the resource on the Tree
        - select the exact resource


    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Hi Antero,

      Core Application (Dispatch Console) still has differences/issues compared to Legacy Manage, but I think Oracle is aware about that.
      Clear, and I strongly agree. The closer shoot can be the PID, but we can't use that as a search criteria on the Resource Tree.