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    Jim Van Tongerloo
    Purchasing Attachment Categories
    Topic posted March 18, 2019 by Jim Van TongerlooGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, tagged Agreements, Create Requisition, Financials, Fusion, How-To, Orders, Security, Setup 
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    Purchasing Attachment Categories
    Who has access to these categories?

    Hi all,

    I see there is no real documentation on who has access to see attachments based on the categories they have.

    If someone could provide me with which roles have access to which category, that would be great.
    Certain categories are pretty straight forward, yet I'd like to include them anyway.

    My investigation based on a question that the Requester (Requisition) could not see an attachment when looking for it on the linked PO number. Attachment looked to have the 'FROM_SUPPLIER' category.
    Where is the security setup that links these categories to certain roles?

    Attachment Category Who has access?
    DOCUMENT It is the PO PDF that gets this attachment category. Who can view this, only Buyer?
    PO_INTERNAL Buyer only?
    TO_APPROVER Approver of PO
    TO_BUYER Buyer
    TO_PAYABLES Payables specialist matching the PO
    TO_RECEIVER Person who receives items
    TO_SUPPLIER Supplier

    ?? (Miscellaneous)





    • Swati Gupta

      Hi Jim,

      Different job/abstract roles should be able to view specific attachment categories:
      Buyer: document, from supplier, miscellaneous, to supplier, to buyer, to receiver, to approver, to payables, and internal to purchasing

      Requester: document, miscellaneous, to supplier, to buyer, to receiver, to approver, and to payables.

      Catalog Administrator: document, from supplier, miscellaneous, to supplier, to buyer, to approver, and internal to purchasing

      Supplier: document and to supplier

      Payables: to payables

      Receiver: to receiver

      In simple words, a user with the Role specified above will be able to see the Purchasing attachments with those specific Attachment Categories


      Existing support note: How are the Purchasing Attachments secured by Role (Doc ID 1537285.1)