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    pedro melopereira
    How to scale down a running CCS node
    Topic posted October 30, 2018 by pedro melopereira, tagged OCI-C 
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    How to scale down a running CCS node
    Change CCS shape from oc4 to oc3

    We need to scale down one CCS node with an oc4 (2 ocpus) shape for it to assume an oc3 shape (1 ocpu). 
    How can this be achieved in OracleCloud taking into consideration that this node is being actively used in Production ? 
    Meaning, we need to perform this activity without an impact to the users (so re-creating the CCS node is out of the question).

    Can we edit the orchestration JSON to specify the new shape ?




    • Robin Chatterjee

      I don't think editing the JSON will affect an already running image. If your compute service is fronted bya load balancer you can add another oc3 instance tot he load balaancer and then drain the oc4 instance. Otherwise I don't think you can dothis without downtime.