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    Rahul Jha
    Communication between sales and planners on supply...
    Topic posted October 23, 2019 by Rahul JhaRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Demand Management Cloud, How-to, Integrated Business Planning, Supply Planning Cloud, User Experience 
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    Communication between sales and planners on supply availability
    Looking for advice on how to provide an ability for communication between order coordinators and planners about supply situations.


    Sales team have no idea when a supply shortage or supply delay occurs. the earlier scheduled ship date (SSD) is not revised by any automated process. Hence, sales team does not know if they will be in a position to meet the customer demand on time or if they have to communicate any potential delay to the customer. We are not using "reservation" in the order orchestration flow, and all ship-from warehouse orders go to "Awaiting Shipping". only when warehouse is trying to pick a product to fulfill the sales order, is when they realize that they have a shortage. that finding may lead the users to information on a delayed PO or supplier shipment.

    We tried to leverage "Oracle Social Networking" as a way for planners and sales to communicate but its something too cumbersome to be adopted in a business operation process due to volume of demand and supplies.

    If any one has faced this challenge and can share any insights on how to address it using the "out of box capabilities" available, it will be very helpful.




    Oracle Fusion Cloud 19C



    • Roy Amozeg

      Hello Rahul,

      Your case implies that there may be too many anticipated and actual stockouts to manage effectively by some communication process between sales and planning. If this is the case, I would start by examining the order promising process to start with to check if the initial delivery date promised to the customers is realistic in most cases.

      Regardless, I guess what you are looking for is to provide sales with visibility into planning information. You can give them access to the demand fulfillment page in supply planning where they can see all the demand at risk. But this might create other communication issues.. like sales chasing after planning why my demands are at risk and stepping too much into the planning role.

      The tools are there to get the right picture so I think it is more how to use them effectively between the two group of users 



    • Thierry Lamote

      Hello Rahul

      For my understanding of the business scenario you work on, can you please tell us whether Global Order Promising is implemented and items defined to leverage ATP feature?