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    ServerConfigProperty not working properly
    Topic posted February 6, 2011 by bill.shipman Blue Ribbon: 750+ Points, last edited April 14, 2012 
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    ServerConfigProperty not working properly

    I'm trying to write a Nov 2010 add-in that pulls data from a Server Side Config property. I followed the instructions at the link below and it's not working.

    I'm trying to access the parameter in the RecordContext.DataLoaded() event and it's coming back empty. A block of my code is below. I've also attached a screenshot of my Add-in Manager screen.

    Can someone please take a look to see what I'm doing incorrectly?

    Code Snippet:


    • Cristina Nistor

      Yes, I am. I followed the same procedure on the May 2010 site and it worked there. And I used the exact same AddIn .dll in both sites.

    • Kevin Noreus

      Hi Cristina,

      What type of Add-In is this?




    • Cristina Nistor

      It is IGlobalRibbonTab. Not the AddIn types I saw as examples here, but since it works in a May 2010 site, I thought it should work in a May 2011 site as well. Does it work using fewer types in the May 2011 versions, nd if so what types should I try? Can I Make an Addin with the sole purpose of having the server config varialbe in it? Not visible anywhere?




    • Kevin Noreus

      Yes.  It should work in May 2011.  I created a simple IGlobalRibbonTab test add-in with a ServerConfigPropery attribute and tested it against a 11.5 test site and it worked for me.  

      I suspect the issue might be that the profile of the user editing the Add-in in AddIn Manager does not have permissions to it.  If this is the case the Add-In file would not be downloaded to the client machine.  This is required to edit add-ins with server configuration properties.  In this case, you should be presented with a Message box dialog prompting you to load the add-in file so you can continue editing server config properties.  The verbiage is as follows

      "The Add-In File you are editing is not loaded. If you want to edit Server Configuration Properties you will need to load this Add-In File. Select Yes (I need to edit Server Configuration Properties).  Select No (I don't need to edit Server Configuration Properties).

      If you are prompted with this message, you'll need to load the add-in file in order to edit server config properties.  If you did not see this message something else must be going on.

      To answer your question about adding server configuration properties to non-visible add-ins.  The answer is yes.  You can add server config properties to Event add-ins such as IEventConsoleOpen, IEventLogin, etc.  Although you shouldn't need to resort to such a work around in this scenario.

    • Stephen Pickett

      Can I suggest that Kevin's statement above (that you need to have the add-in permissions ticked within your profile if you wish to edit server config properties) to the add-in documentation - wasted a number of hours trying to figure this out.

    • Heather Shoemaker

      I've read this entire thread and followed all pertinent instructions and I can't get my add-in to pick up anything other than the default values for each ServerConfigProperty setting

      1) The RN version is November, 2011

      2) I was previously working in developer mode but I have since switched back and definitely unchecked the Developer Access checkbox in the profile settings.

      3) I deleted the [user]/RightNowDev/AddIns directory just to be certain it wasn't still running in developer mode

      4) I am able to see the Server Configuration Properties on the AddIn Manager => Profile Access area and I can edit the values there

      5) The edits I make per above are not getting picked up in the add-in. I verify this via MessageBox.Show calls in the add-in (because I'm not in developer mode)

      There are four properties that I've defined as shown in the code sample below. Note that this code worked fine in a test environment but when I moved it to the production RN instance, it started only picking up the defaults.


      [AddIn("LinguistNow Response Add-In 11-20122", Version = "")]

      public class WorkspaceAddInFactory : IWorkspaceComponentFactory2


              #region IWorkspaceComponentFactory2 Members

           IGlobalContext _globalContext;


           public System.String TranslationType { get; set; }


              publicString ConsumerId { get; set; }


              publicstring SupportLocale { get; set; }    


              [ServerConfigProperty(DefaultValue = "ticket_language")]

             publicstring IncidentLocaleField { get; set; }


           publicIWorkspaceComponent2 CreateControl(bool inDesignMode, IRecordContext RecordContext)


                 returnnew WorkspaceAddIn(inDesignMode, RecordContext,_globalContext, TranslationType, ConsumerId, SupportLocale, IncidentLocaleField);


    • Ryan McCullough

      Your code looks ok to me Heather. I would try stubbing out the get & set methods like this:

          public string ConsumerId {
                  return _ConsumerId;
                  _ConsumerId = value; // breakpoint goes on this line
          private string _ConsumerId = null;

      Then put a breakpoint in there, bring up the RN login dialog, in VS attach your debugger to the RightNow process, and login. The debugger should pause at your breakpoint and you can see if the Server Configuration Properties are getting set. If the value is getting set, then it could be that there is some kind of a dispose issue, or you might have to pass these values when you construct your IWorkspaceComponent2 control.

    • Palanisamy Sivaraj

      I am having same problem with my add in server property. It only picks up the default value. I have tried everything mentioned in this thread. I am not in developer mode. I do have permission to the add-in. I have changed the value from the add-in manager. I also tried to comment out the add in attribute but that does not help. I have tried to debug it but it does not stop at any breakpoints that i set, after i attach the project to the rightnow exe. I have attached the project file. Thanks!

    • Fabio Cavalcante



      The problem you're having seems to be different than the one reported by Heather.

      To address the issue you're having, I moved the property decorated with the ServerConfigProperty attribute to the navigation item class (NavItem). That class is instantiated by the runtime and the property seems to be correctly set there. I tested this against a Feb'12 and a Nov'11 instance and got the same result, so it doesn't look like a change in behavior from previous versions.



      Have you made any progess with the troubleshooting steps recommended by Ryan? Is your problem resolved?


    • Vince Smith

      I know this is an old thread, but I am having the same issue as Heather where changing the server config values are not being updated. I my case I'm not setting any default value. When I change the server config value and save, the value disappears.

      The addin attribute IS on the IWorkspaceComponentFactory2 class. This is an August 2013 release. Anyone know of anything else that I can check?