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    Andrea Rule
    GL Transfer from EBS to FAHRCS - Overlapping Children
    Topic posted June 18, 2019 by Andrea Rule, tagged Accounting Hub Cloud Service, Financials, General Ledger 
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    GL Transfer from EBS to FAHRCS - Overlapping Children
    E Business Suite vs Fusion Accounting Hub Hierarchies

    Our E Business Suite GL chart contains child GL values with multiple parent values for alternate reporting hierarchies. This is part of standard EBS GL functionality but it does not appear to be supported in FAHRCS. The GL balance transfer to FAHRCS is stopping because our chart fails the single parent per child validation.

    -Is a new requirement with R13?

    -Has anyone found a solution other than deleting all "duplicate" child values? We use these alternate hierarchies for financial reporting and removing them is a very manual process in the front-end form (we have 144,000 duplicate child values).

    Thanks very much.

    Andrea Rule

    R13 and EBS 12.1.3



    • Veerendra Chava

      Dear Andrea,

      Fusion ESS Base cubes will not support special characters in Segment value & Description and also it will not support the one child with multiple parents scenarios.

      Best option is to correct the hierarchy in EBS by manually or by getting the custom fix from EBS Support.



    • Andrea Rule

      Thanks Veerendra for your reply. May I ask if you know what type of custom fix EBS support is able to provide? So far they haven't offered that - only manual deletion of the duplicate children.