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    Tristan Hindes
    Exporting to Excel & Word WrapAnswered
    Topic posted May 4, 2017 by Tristan HindesRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Analyses, Customizing Layout, Customizing Reports, OBI Answers, OBIEE Answers, Report Delivery, Report Layouts, Report Output, Reports 
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    Exporting to Excel & Word Wrap
    I want cells with longer text to wrap automatically when I export an analysis to excel 2010.

    I have a built an analysis that pulls in requisition user comments.  I am trying to export the information to excel with the cell width of that column fixed so it wraps the text, vs having a extremely long column.  These report will be delivered using an agent and I don't want my end user to have to open and adjust the width of the cell each day when the report is delivered.


    Any thought/ideas on how to solve this issue.



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    Richard Chan

    Have you looked at a B,I publisher solution 



    • Richard Chan

      Have you looked at a B,I publisher solution 

    • Arun Raj

      You can create a BI Publisher report using RTF Template / Excel Template. You will have more control over the size of columns, text-wrapping etc.



    • Ramesh Nakka


      Can you try inserting a Analysis in a dashboard and schedule it through Agent?


      User has to create a customized setting with macro for all formatting. Once you set it will be embedded in would just need to click one time entire format.

      No need to do manual formatting..