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    Lauren Kerr
    Best Practice for processing return to vendor for rework
    Topic posted June 20, 2019 by Lauren Kerr, tagged How-to, Planning Central Cloud, Supply Chain Collaboration Cloud, Supply Planning Cloud, User Experience, White Paper 
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    Best Practice for processing return to vendor for rework
    Outside Processing - Return to Vendor - Rework - Receipt: Send material out as one part and receive as new


    We are early in the implementation phase of Oracle Fusion. We operate in the supply chain execution, supply chain planning, and procurement module (as well as many others throughout the company). We are currently faced with a very common issue and I am coming to the boards in hopes of learning the best practice in Oracle Fusion for completing this activity. 

    Problem Statement/Business Case: 

    Widget X has gone through design improvement and changes requiring it (per form, fit & function guidelines) to change to Widget Y. Our supplier for this widget is the one responsible for reworking the widget from X -> Y. We will send out the widget in X form but will be receiving back in Y form. We need documentation to mirror the physical unit's revision prior to and after rework. (i.e. We need to send it out as Widget X and receive it back as widget Y.)

    What is the best way to process this transaction in Oracle Fusion?

    Oracle Fusion Release 13 (update 18C)



    • Cherry Bruns

      You define the operation as an outside operation (operation type = supplier). The outside operation item is the item you will be receiving back from the vendor (in your example item Y). You can identify the item to be sent by the user as being a component of the outside operation. I'm not sure what documents are created when the work order is released from planning. I'd check the Manufacturing User Guide to see if they have any information on outside operations.

      Regards, Cherry