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    Oracle Launch Pad - shutting down browser.
    Topic posted August 23, 2018 by JamesEduRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Oracle Launch Pad - shutting down browser.


    I go into the Oracle Launchpad ( and then click the HCM learning button.

    The next page must be loading a lot - I cant see it because the whole browser locks up. Got IE11 (browser we use) to do a report and there are 960 items loading.

    Is this a setup issue at my end or is this happening to others?

    Anyone from the Oracle UX team watch this list?






    • Lois Houston

      Hi, James,

      Thank you for reaching out. I've notified the tech team and they are investigating.

      Please note there is also a Support option on the menu under your name where you can log an SR for any issues you encounter.


    • Lois Houston

      Hi, James,

      Just checked in with the tech team and they are aware of the issue. IE has some issues with the handling of the filters and we are working to resolve them. If you could use Chrome or Firefox I think you will find the site will work just fine.

      Hope this helps.