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    Dev Thota
    How to change the business level in default strategy...
    Topic posted October 30, 2019 by Dev ThotaGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, tagged Accounting Hub Cloud Service, Collections, Financials, General Ledger, Receivables, Reports, Revenue Management, Setup / Administration, Subledger Accounting 
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    How to change the business level in default strategy assignment
    How to change the business level in default strategy assignment

    We have opted a collections by segment feature and we are unable to change the business level and strategy. We are using account level strategy in the collections preferences.

    Also when I am running "Strategy management" program before opting collections by segment it is succeeded but not assigned any strategy even though account has score, is this the  right?

    We have collections scores but both these programs not assigning any strategies even though we have collections scoring. Please advise if I am missing  any thing.




    • Angela Xian

      Hi Dev,

      Thanks for trying out the "Collections Scoring and Strategy Assignment by Segment" feature. Before you start, please review the following documentation/training carefully. I think they will help in answering some of your questions.

      • Readiness Training (Video):
      • Readiness Training (Handout):
      • What's New:

      (Let me know if you have problem accessing any of the above content.)

      More specifically to the few points you raised in your post:

      1. In the Default Assignments region, you should see three rows - one for the business level of Customer (i.e. Party), one for the business level of Account, and one for the business level of Site. OOTB, we populate these three rows with the seeded scoring formula and strategy groups that are for the corresponding level. If you only do Collections at one level (e.g. Account), then you just need to update the row where Business Level = Account with the account-level scoring formula and delinquent strategy group that you want to use as the default - I assume you want to tweak the default formula and strategy group to better fit your needs. No need to worry about the other two rows which defines the default assignments if the business level is Customer or Site, because you will not use them anyway. The columns "Name" and "Business Level" are designed to be not updateable. This is because we only support three business levels, and there are only three kinds of default assignments.

      I have attached a complete screenshot of the Default Assignments region with my response.

      2. If the feature "Collections Scoring and Strategy Assignment by Segment" is enabled, the process "Strategy Management" is not applicable any more. If you run it, you will notice the ESS log will say something like "Feature not available/not enabled". This is because as part of the "Collections Scoring and Strategy Assignment by Segment" feature, we introduced a new set of ESS processes. The training materials I mentioned above have the details of those processes.

      Hope it's clear. As mentioned, if you review the documentation/training carefully, most of your questions will be answered.

      Thanks, Angela

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