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    Jane Richter
    Named Ranges in Doclets
    Topic posted November 13, 2019 by Jane RichterGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Management Reporting, Report Packages, Reporting Workflow, Smart View 
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    Named Ranges in Doclets
    Can named ranges be refreshed without checking out

    Hi All,

    As I am creating demos of EPRCS and using the SmartView capabilities to highlight charts as named ranges. I am wondering if there is capability for named ranges to refresh in reference doclets without the user having to Check Out> Refresh> Upload & Check In. 

    What seems to be more user friendly is if there was a way to go to the Doclet and being able to click refresh there, and the chart (named range) refreshes. 

    Does anyone know if this is possible? 

    Thank you!




    • Tom LeFebvre

      Not sure I am following your use case.  But if you are updating the reference doclet, either by creating new named ranges or updating the data within, the reference doclet needs to be checked in to commit those changes to the report package.

      If you are working in both excel and word, you will have to check in the excel reference doclet to commit the change.  But to see those changes reflected within the word doclet, you have three options. 

      The first and quickest is to do a preview in the browser of the word doclet. 

      The second is to open but not check out the doclet in Word then select "Refresh Document" under the refresh button to download the updated doclet with the refreshed embedded content.  The third is to open and check out the doclet in Word, then select "Refresh Embedded Content" under the refresh icon.  I find the first option better of these last two options.