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    Organise Resources within Learning Communities
    Idea posted March 26, 2019 by Darren SavageSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Courses/Classes, Learning, Public Sector 
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    Organise Resources within Learning Communities

    In house team Learning and Development Team create many Communities within Oracle, with resources being added throughout year. New courses entered into a community appear at top of list. This pushes previously entered courses to bottom of list.

    My enhancement request is to provide a tool to enable re-organisation of Resources within Learning Communities


    Use Case and Business Need:

    Departmental priorities change constantly, therefore the development needs that users need to access also change. However there are also some development opportunities which are always relevant to the department, and with the current system, these courses get pushed to the bottom of the community by new ones. As a consequence users cannot easily find development opportunities within the communities, and they eventually give up.

    Being able to organise and prioritise the development opportunities within the communities would help to improve the number of users accessing the development opportunities available. The in house Learning and Development Team needs to un-publish, amend and republish courses in order to move them to the top of the list of resources available.

    Enhancement Request / Service Request:
    SR 3-19523504171



    • Iain Elvin

      To add, this is along the same lines as a previous post from us in Oct 2018:

      Reordering learn content rather than ordered by creation date
      Topic posted October 10, 2018 by Iain ElvinRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 


      Grateful to hear how others have got around the issue of not being able to reorder learn content after creation? At present for us, learn content appears in order of creation, which can be problematic and not exactly very customer friendly. For example.

      1/10/2018 Tax policy Module 1

      1/10/2018 Tax Policy Module 2

      1/10/2018 H&S course

      2/10/2018 Tax policy Module 3

      We would want to be able to reorder so the tax policy modules appeared in order within the relevant community.

    • Helen Bound

      This seems such a fundamental feature, to have the ability to order the activities. Why it was never part of the original spec is beyond me.