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    Krista Koch
    Search Knowledge within BUI Workspace
    Topic posted November 19, 2019 by Krista KochRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Browser UI 
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    Search Knowledge within BUI Workspace
    Trying to locate report that is within the BUI workspace for Search Knowledge Base

    We recently launched with the BUI and need to make some changes to the one Knowledge Base Search, which shows on all agent workspaces, but cannot locate the report that is being utilized here?  Can someone provide some insight as to where we can find the information within the workspace that tell me what report that is?  I have attached a screen shot of the location of the search I am looking for.








    • Justin

      click on the Rich text incident thread control and then this in your ribbon. You cant edit the report that is assigned out of the box but you can create a copy, edit that, and assign it to the workspace. This is the same process as changing the report for console. 

    • Mary Gilbert

      Here's some additional info from Oracle that may be helpful to you as well:


    • Krista Koch

      Thank you - i found the report and made the changes, but the report settings are not consistent between the .net and the bui.  I want to be able to open and view the article, but the open option does not show in the bui?  You can see the report setting are not consistent with what is being shown on the workspace?


      BUI SKB.docx (100KB)
    • Mary Gilbert

      Make sure you updated the report on the correct workspace--the one that is configured to be visible on the BUI.
      Make sure you refresh your browser--it can take a few minutes for the changes to show in the BUI.  You may need to clear your cache as well.
      You should be able to double click the row to open the answer.

    • Justin

      i believe open is the printer icon since techniocally you are opening a print preview.

    • Justin

      you will also notice that you need to set the default action (record in the ribbon) on the report as it has a seperate default action for console and bui

    • Krista Koch

      That is interesting and good to point out and know for reporting.  When I select the drop down, there isn't any other option showing though?  Should there be options for that selection?

    • Justin

      i dont show any for the standard objects so it may be a work in progress.