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    Neil Peacock
    End Users requisitioning BU inconsistant with HCM record...
    Topic posted August 20, 2019 by Neil PeacockSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Create Requisition, Requisition Mobile 
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    End Users requisitioning BU inconsistant with HCM record after 19C upgrade
    Since the 19C upgrade some users requisitiong preferences BUs have been changed to BUs unlinked to their HCM records with no changes to their HCM records

    Since the upgrade we have had numerous users that have reported errors when they go to raise requisitons. This is causing issues with being able to order goods as certain suppliers are only visible in certain business units and other suppliers will only supply medical products to certain business units too. 

    When the user goes into edit their requistion preferences their requisitioning BU is defaulted to VCL rather than VCSL. VCSL is present on their HR record under their legal employee and assignment business unit. Further to this there have been no changes on their employment record over the last few weeks. Requisitions that the users raised on Friday were raised under VCSL, so we know the issue is related to the implemented upgrade.

    However this issue is not affecting everyone in the business unit, which points to an issue with their specific accounts I believe?

    Has anyone else encountered this issue or know of any steps of fixing it? We could add extra permissions to a user to allow them to use VCSL again, however we do not know how much of the population this affects and we would rather fix the issue rather than implement a workaround solution

    I have attached screenshots in a document of the HCM record and the ERP preferences.

    Thanks for any help


    Oracle Fusion ERP 19C



    • Ashok

      Hi Neil

      Support logged this issue for triage. I reviewed the details that they posted. You confirmed that the primary assignments for the impacted employees has not changed, correct? I have requested Support to log a bug for further review. In the meanwhile, I will have someone from our HQ team take a look at this post. Perhaps there is an explanation that does not require a bug. We will revert when we have an update.

      • Neil Peacock


        Thanks for your reply, I can confirm the primary assignments have not changed for these employees for the last 3-4 months, however they do have old working relationships in this entity they are now linked to. However these relationships were terminated 3-4 months ago, with the new relationships being made primary.

        I am just worried that they seem to be pulling through the first dated work relationship even if it is terminated, I am currently trying to see if it is only these colleagues or if it is wider spread on other business units where the employees have old working relationships too.


    • Ashok

      I have asked support to log a bug for further triage. FYI. But I have asked Support to check with the customer (You I presume) to do the following:

      Please ask customer to run 'Send Personal Data for Multiple Users to LDAP' job and recheck in BPM if the specific user's manager is corrected.