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    Hannah Kehring
    HELP: Mismatch in columns when filtering for Receivables to...
    Topic posted June 11, 2019 by Hannah KehringGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Receivables, Subledger Accounting, Tip 
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    HELP: Mismatch in columns when filtering for Receivables to Ledger Reconciliation Report
    Filtering to Exclude Natural Account Creates Mismatch in Columns for Receivables to Ledger Reconciliation Report

    Has anyone tried to filter for the Receivables to Ledger Reconciliation Report. When filtering to exclude a Natural Account it creates a mismatch of the columns; does not apply on the Receivables Column just the Accounting Column.

    Has anyone built a customized a report or know of an existing report that could be used as a workaround?


    On the Service request I have with Oracle they logged a bug, but then Development kicked back stating the intended functionality of the report is to have mismatched columns haha? I asked for them to elaborate and I got this in response, "If we allow the customer to filter the "receivables" column natural account there could be additional concerns that can be raised. 
    If during the accounting process the accounting rules setup is such that some other account is used while accounting instead of distribution account used while creation of the report, there is no way we can achieve the actual intention of this report. We would prefer not to do this as it would not be apples to apples comparison. "



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    • Brian Wolfe

      Hi Hannah,

      I have not tried this, I use the links to drill down to review the differences, if any.