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    Jeroen Sprangers
    Manage Tax Organization Type Lookup
    Topic posted November 17, 2016 by Jeroen SprangersBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited November 17, 2016, tagged Setup, Supplier Creation 
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    Manage Tax Organization Type Lookup
    Manage Tax Organization Type Lookup change seeded values



    In the task 'Manage Tax Organization Type Lookup' we can adjust the loopup.

    However we want to adjust or end date certain seeded values because these are not used by our clients. 

    But we are not allowed to delete, end date or disable the seeded values.


    How can we delete, end date or disable them?



    • Piyush Singh

      Tax Organization Type lookup does not support end dating/deleting the seeded values. If these organization types are called as something else, you can rename in the setup accordingly.

      Hope this clarifies.

    • Jeroen Sprangers

      Thanks, yes that clarifies. 

      We already indeed renamed some but we also wanted to restrict the list. But I know understand that is not possible.