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    Ryan Schofield
    Business Rule setup
    Topic posted July 8, 2015 by Ryan SchofieldGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points 
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    Business Rule setup

    Looking for some advice on how better to manage my business rules.

    I've got several rules that prevent incidents from being created. Currently I have all these rules at the top of my 'Initial State' state but as this list continues to grow it makes for a very long and painful list to sort through. I also have to be very creative with naming the rules, given the short name length allowed, so that I can easily determine which rule I want to find. For example, I have rules called "Do Not Create - ***" and "Do Not Create - yyy".

    I'm wondering if I should create a function for "Do Not Create Ticket" and then I can lump all these rules into the function. That would free up characters in the rule name and also make findings all the "do not create" rules easy since they'd be sitting together in a single function. This function or course would then return to the Initial State any tickets not meeting the criteria.

    Does that sound like a good approach? Any other ideas on how to manage the business rules?



    • Ryan

      Sounds like a perfectly natural use of a function.  I'll often use them to group like actions (escalations, routing for a unique process flow, etc..).  Remember also that after executing a function, your rule base will pick up where it left off prior to calling said function, so no need to explicitly return to the origin unless you intentionally want to run through the same rules again.