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    Mark Rinaldi
    What's New in 18.10?
    Topic posted October 2, 2018 by Mark RinaldiBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points, tagged ARCS, Close, EDMCS, EPBCS, FCCS, Patching, PBCS, Planning, Projects, Reporting, Security, Support, Tax, TRCS, Workforce 
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    What's New in 18.10?
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    Here we are again with another "What's New" post that is totally unnecessary since you have already read the information with your bookmarked link to the What's New documentation and your monthly reminder to read it thoroughly.  However, on the off chance you didn't read it or want a bit more details and weak attempt at injecting some humor on the topic, here's my take on the key features:

    1. New EPM Automate Version with renameSnapshot command.  This feature can be helpful if you want to rename the Daily Maintenance (i.e. AMW) Snapshot prior to it being overwritten by the next Daily Maintenance.  As always, you are responsible for downloading and locally saving any historic Snapshots.  (I was reminded that we don't refer to Automated Maintenance Window as AMW but as Daily Maintenance)
    2. Task Lists now support Dashboards!  (only in the Simplified UI)  ...enough said
    3. Calc Manager plays nicer with Bill Gates.... @CalcMgrDatesToExcel custom function has been added to Calc Manager to convert dates in YYYYMMDD format to Excel dates.
    4. Financial Reporting Web Studio (FR) plays nicer with Bill Gates... a new server setting, "Export to Excel Using Default Sheet Name," determines the sheet name upon export from FR.  A setting of "False" uses the FR report name for the worksheet name and a setting of "True" uses Excel's incredibly creative default names of Sheet1, Sheet2, etc.  Apparently this was a thing?
    5. Dashboards now support Master-Detail Relationships between Forms.  You can tag a Form in a Dashboard as "Master," which will then filter the members in a target object.  This target or "Detail" object will only show the details relevant to the members selected in the Master Form.  Basically, you can now "Apply Context" from within a Dashboard between objects from master to detail Form.
    6. Improved Daily Maintenance (no longer AMW) Performance setting.  As discussed under Safe Harbor on my "To Speed up AMW (sic) or Not" Idea post, we now have an "Export Planning Smart List data during AMW" setting (oops... should say "Daily Maintenance" but we'll get to that later... maybe) to help you likely improve the Daily Maintenance performance, if it is problematic for you.  If you have large cubes with lots of Smart List data values such as are used in EPBCS Workforce, you can choose to change the setting to dramatically speed up the Daily Maintenance.

    The setting options are as follows:

    No - Streamlines the data export portion of the Daily Maintenance such that you can NOT use a partial or incremental data load with the subsequent Snapshot created as part of Daily Maintenance.  Data in this type of Snapshot can only be used as part of a full restoration.

    Yes (default setting) - Makes no change to the current Daily Maintenance process such that the data can be used as part of a subsequent incremental data load and as part of a full restoration.

    Note, the Vote on this in the Ideas Forum was close and the reverse actually won but we applied the Safe Harbor provision and decided to leave the behavior unchanged to avoid any regression.  If you want to improve your Daily Maintenance performance and can take separate Smart List data exports (e.g. via EPM Automate), then you will need to modify this setting to "No."

    Bottom line:  "No" = faster Daily Maintenance but no incremental data loads allowed and "Yes" means slower Daily Maintenance but incremental data loads allowed

    This enhancement ties back to the changes we previously reverted from the 18.07 release based on your Customer Connect feedback.

    Upcoming Changes:

    1. As we have been documenting for several months, we expect to remove the ability to create NEW Composite Forms in a future update in 2019.  Existing Composite Forms will still work and can be edited but no NEW Composite Forms will be allowed after this change is implemented.
    2. Classic Dimension Editor will also be removed in a future update in 2019 as we continue to enhance the Simplified User Interface Dimension Editor (SUIDE).  As previously discussed on this forum, please log bugs and enhancement requests for the SUIDE via My Oracle Support and ensure Oracle Support puts "SUIDE" is in the name of the enhancement or bug.  Safe Harbor applies but we have several enhancements targeted for SUIDE in the near future.
    3. Proposed changes to application-level Access Control to improve integration across planning, consolidation and close, tax reporting, and EDMCS applications.  Predefined roles will no longer appear as Groups in Access Control.  This proposed change will NOT affect how you create and manage groups or use them for application-level access control.  If you are concerned with the impact of this change on your environment, please create a Service Request in My Oracle Support explaining your use case.  I copied this from my last What's New post and want to remind you that this is a "Proposed change," so please log SRs with any issues.

    I think that does it for this month's "What's New" post.  I hope you found something to enjoy or have gained useful knowledge from reading this post.

    As always, I welcome your feedback.



    • Peter Nitschke

      Renaming snapshots! After I wrote an entire awful powershell xml hackjob to do it! *grin*

      Also when I was reading the release notes notes I thought I was going crazy and completely misunderstood the daily maintenance change since it seemed to be the other way around in the vote! Either way, good to have the option. 




      • Mark Rinaldi

        Yes, as I noted above, the default behavior was reversed from the result if the vote, which was very close.  The decision was to not change existing behavior on customers and let them decide to make the change if there is a performance issue.

    • Damien Kelly

      Glad to see the AMW improvements hit the main stream. This has been a life saver for our overnight run.