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    Craig Hogan
    Add-in loading
    Topic posted March 13, 2018 by Craig HoganGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points 
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    Add-in loading

    in a workspace add-in, Is there a way to detect if the workspace is loaded and ready for use, ie all add-ins are loaded, and their perspective data loaded events executed)




    • Anuj Behl

      Hi Craig,

      Could you please explain your use case? You can only get the loaded calls from within the respective workspace add-in's data loaded event. 

    • Craig Hogan

      We have an add-in that provides custom relationship functionality (RelationCo). And several other add-ins that are dependent on it, registering an event with RelationCo.

      I have no control on the order of which the add-ins are loaded, on some machines, the dependent add-in's data loaded event completes before RelationCo is loaded, and ready to accept event registrations.

      looking for an elegant way to check if the other RelationCo is ready to accept event registrations.   As apposed to just putting it in a loop, and catching the exception that fires when the event registration attempt fails.