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    Sankha Deb Barman
    How to change currency from $$ to any other currency
    Topic posted August 3, 2018 by Sankha Deb BarmanRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    How to change currency from $$ to any other currency

    Hi Experts

    When we run the routing plan the cost saving appears in dollars.

    Is it possible to display it in any other currency?

    Please advice






    • Justin

      Add or Edit a Currency

      By adding currencies, you can define the currency associated with each country or province in your knowledge base.

      About this task

      If your organization conducts business outside of the United States, you might need to add foreign currencies to your knowledge base. You can add multiple currencies and set exchange rates for each. After you create currencies, you can assign a default currency to each staff account, and your staff members can use them to select the appropriate currency for contacts, organizations, and forecasts.

      Note: You can add and edit currencies, but you cannot delete them.


      1. Click Configuration on the navigation pane.
      2. Expand Internationalization, and then double-click Currencies/Exchange Rates.
        The content pane displays the Currencies and Exchange Rates trees.
      3. To edit a currency, click the currency in the tree and go to step 7.
      4. To add a currency, click New on the ribbon and select Currency.
        The Installed Cultures list opens.

        When you select a culture, the Currency editor automatically populates with the associated culture information contained in the related region on you workstation. After you select a standard culture and save the currency, you cannot change the culture association.

        The list of installed cultures depends on the regions installed on your workstation and varies based on your operating system. You can see the list of installed regions by opening Region and Language Options in the Windows Control Panel. If the matching culture does not appear in the list, you can either add a custom currency or contact your organization’s information technology team and have the associated language pack installed on your workstation.

      5. To select a standard culture, double-click the culture that matches the currency.
        The Currency editor opens.
      6. To add a custom culture, double-click Custom Culture at the top of the Installed Cultures list.
        Tip: If you initially choose to create a custom culture, you can select a standard culture by editing the currency. This lets you associate a standard culture with the currency if the standard culture becomes available on your workstation.
      7. Enter field information on the Currency editor described in the following table.




    • Dmitriy Shcherbakov

      Hi Sankha,

      Try adding the proper local language for your country in the 'Configuration' > 'Display' settings and then change your Language in 'My display'. Alternatively what you want can be updated in glossary to replace $ with whatsoever for a specific language.

      Hope this helps.

    • Sankha Deb Barman

      Thanks could change the currency display using glossary.