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    Joona Knuuti
    Possible to enter exchange rates that are not inverted?
    Topic posted September 13, 2019 by Joona KnuutiGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited September 13, 2019, tagged Translations 
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    Possible to enter exchange rates that are not inverted?

    Does anyone know if there is a possibility to enter exchange rates to FCCS in format EUR 1 = SEK 10.6315 when application main currency is EUR?

    Officially published exchange rates are in format EUR 1 = SEK 10.6315. Client treasury organization has advised that using inverse of the officially published exchange rates was disallowed in EU when transitioning to EUR.


    System translation seems to function only if exchange rates are input in inverted format EUR 0,09406 = 1 SEK. Dimensions are in this case Input Currency EUR and From Currency SEK.

    "Enter Exchange Rates - Multi Period" form accepts only input in dimensionality Input Currency EUR and From Currency SEK

    "Enter Exchange Rates - Single Period" form accepts input in dimensionality From Currency EUR, Input Currency SEK, but translation does not seem to function if rates are entered this way.






    • Girish Joshi

      You can change the POV of the "Exchange Rate Form - Multi Period" to achieve it. For example: if you want to enter the FX EUR 1 = SEK 10.6315 than EUR should be at POV and SEK in page and enter 0.106315 rate in EOM as I believe this is EOM rate which you want to load/update. For "Single period" form, FX rates always targeted to application currency for example: if the default application currency is EUR, than the default POV at the back-end always set to EUR.



      • Joona Knuuti

        Thanks for the suggestion, but if I enter the exchange rates to "Exchange Rate Form - Multi Period" with SEK in the page and EUR in the rows, the system translations do not seem to function even after running the ComputeRates. EOM rate entered to the form this way would be 10.6315, which is what we would like wish to be able to input as the rate. Translations seem to function only if rates are entered with EUR in the page and other currencies in the rows.

    • Girish Joshi

      Under "Exchange Rate Form - Multi Period" you can change the POV as per the your requirement and when you move the SEK to POV then at EUR you have to input 10.6315. I am not sure why the  translation is not working as per the updated FX rate.

      Do you have any SR raised with Support? If yes, can you let me know the SR number, I would take a look.

      • Joona Knuuti

        Translation seems to function only with inverted rates. I can change the POV and input rates in the way we would wish to input them, but they do not seem to be used with system translations. Only rates that are input as inverted seem to be working with translations.

        I have created an SR with number 3-21107269811