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    Boyuan Zhu
    How to Exchange User-Defined cXML Messages via Oracle...
    Topic posted July 29, 2019 by Boyuan ZhuGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged How-To, Orders, Supplier Communication 
    How to Exchange User-Defined cXML Messages via Oracle Supplier Network

    As of release 19B, you can exchange user-defined cXML messages with your trading partners via Oracle Supplier Network. You can use this capability to customize your messages to meet your partners' requirements. To send a user-defined cXML message, you need to define a cXML message with custom mapping, create a custom service provider pointing to OSN, and use this service provider and message when setting up trading partners on your supplier sites.

    1. First, define a new message by going to Manage Collaboration Message Definitions in the Collaboration Messaging Workarea. For the message you want to customize, download the existing transformation file by taking the Export Transformation Package action. You can then customize the transform file as you wish. 
    2. Duplicate the existing cXML message and upload your customized transform file. This is now the message you will be using in the future steps. 
    3. Create a service provider in the Manage Collaboration Service Providers task. If you have different customizations for different trading partners, you will need to create a separate message and service provider for each case.
    4. For the service provider, add a Delivery Method, using the delivery method type as “Web Service”. In the Service Name field, select the Service Name as CollaborationMessageV2.Process. Specify the following: 
      • Endpoint: https://osn.oracle.com/HTTPService/ProcessSOAPCollaborationMessage or https://osn-prod.oracle.com/HTTPService/ProcessSOAPCollaborationMessage.
      • User Name: The Oracle Supplier Network buyer account user name
      • Password: The Oracle Supplier Network buyer account password 
    5. Add the message from earlier and use the delivery method you created. Set the status as Active and save. 
    6. Make sure that the correct documents are set up on OSN and that your supplier site is using the new service provider and message. The Collaboration Messaging Framework will transform your message into cXML using your defined mapping before invoking OSN.