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    Ana Maria Bonilla
    Power User and Data Management
    Topic posted October 25, 2019 by Ana Maria BonillaGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Account reconciliations, Data load 
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    Power User and Data Management
    I want to know if its possible for Power Users to use Data Management and load files, or is this role limited to the Job's screen ? Also Im vey interested in knowing if I can delete data from DM by replacing data as in PBCS or FCCS
    Thank you



    • Ana Maria Bonilla

      Hello Wayne,

      Thanks for your help, I continue with the doubt because a cant see Data Management option in the menu when i inside to ARCS with a Power User role.

      You can see what im talking about in the image


    • Wayne Paffhausen

      Hi Ana,

      I do need to correct myself as I had sent the message with a typo and meant to say cannot and this has caused some confusion; I do apologize.

      To Recap:  Administrators only have access to DM to perform the required setup tasks.  Why do you believe you would need access to DM?

      Thank you,

    • Ana Maria Bonilla

      Thanks for you reply Wayne, 

      Well, im interest in the mapping process that DM offer  and the company where im adapting ARCS, requiere a lot of users in the process, from data loading, matching, until reconciliation; I dont like the idea that all people can access to all reconciliation procces by having administrator's roles,

      For that reason I would believe that with Power User security i could fix and limit this.