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    How is Deliver-to Location defaulted in Requisition...
    Topic posted January 19, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged FAQ, Requisition Processing, Tip 
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    How is Deliver-to Location defaulted in Requisition Preferences
    Defaulting a deliver-to location in the Edit Requisition Preferences

    Customers / Support

    There was a recent customer issue about the behavior of the attribute 'Deliver-to Location' on the Edit Requisition Preferences page in Self Service Procurement. 

    Business Scenario:

    The customer (as many of you probably also do) has multiple requisitioning business units that a user can access (think of the user as a advanced requester or preparer for instance). This was a particularly large customers who had hundreds of users that required access to multiple business units. They wanted the ability to default a location on the Edit Requisition Preferences page when the user switched the requisitioning business unit based on the business unit. They observed that the default value did not change when switching these business units.


    The design is to default a deliver-to location from the worker record. In Person Management, you navigate to the person or worker record and within the Employment region, you will find a location attribute. The system derives the value on the Edit Requisition Preferences from this attribute by default. This is why if a value is assigned to the worker, then that value is derived (in this case retained) independent of the requisitioning business unit.

    How to then get it to default a different location based on the business unit?

    On the Edit Requisition Preferences page, if the users were to manually set a different deliver-to location and explicitly save those preferences, then the new default deliver-to location value is assigned to that specific business business unit. 

    Is this not cumbersome?

    We design based on best business practices and most common scenarios in general. As my colleague explained to this specific customer on this question:

    Looking at it from a functional perspective, most people work from a single location and so it makes sense that the deliver-to location defaults to their work location which is why we pick it from the HR record. This works very well for those with access to single business unit which is the behavior for most people. For those with access to multiple business units, it is usually an issue of charging something to a different cost center. Receiving the physical item will still be done at your work location in majority of the cases which means keep the deliver-to Location we have defaulted from your HR record. If you happen to need a different location for that BU, then you go and change it in  your Requisition Preferences and save it.

    Feel free to review and discuss the rationale and its fit in your business context.



    • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

      Good explanation!!

    • Haydee Mercado

      Hi Ashok-

      Maybe you can help me to explain why we are having this message "Location is based on the “Building Name and Floor level” rather than region"  on our Deliver to Location field on Requisition page. Is it something in connect on how we configure our Location? is there a way we can't remove this? We just notice this recently after 19C upgrade.


      I've attached the screenshot on how it's looks like in SSP page.


      Thanks in Advance


      • s k

        Hi Haydee,

        is this issue resolved.

        If yes, please share the solution.

        Thank you


        • Haydee Mercado

          Hi SK,

          Yes it was resolved, we just found out that a Tool tip was enabled for this field which impact the whole application that uses the same attribute.

          We just disable the tooltip to solve the issue.




    • Ashok

      Hi Haydee

      This is very interesting. This is definitely not a standard Self Service Procurement message. I think there is some internal setup perhaps in the address configuration that is denoting this error. Can you maybe as the first step check with your Procurement Application Administrator if any location address setup has this message? 

      • Haydee Mercado

        Hi Ashok-

        I just check other  part of our system and looks like this pop up message is a new features from 19C, all pages having the location attributes shows the same message. Do you know or have any suggestion what we can do so this message will not display?




    • Ashok

      I would start by asking your consultant who helped setup these addresses (Perhaps look at the Manage Geographies task) and Addresses setup to see where this message has been added. It sounds from your latest update that this is not isolated to Self Service Procurement flows. That means the location setup and addresses setup are involved. I would request you to log an SR and have Support ask the appropriate team that controls Locations and Addresses. I cannot think of a suggestion right away for you to avoid these error messages at this time. I will review this internally and revert if I have any suggestions. But you should proceed with the SR route is my recommendation.